Innovative – Targeted - Task Specific Cleaning Solutions

ICE incorporates and utilizes over 40 years of extensive chemical formulating, manufacturing, and in-the-field chemical experience and expertise. We provide user and environmentally friendly cost-effective top quality cleaning chemicals.


Truck, Train, Bus, Car & Vehicle Wash Detergents
Degreasers & General-Purpose Cleaners
Automatic Floor Scrubber Chemicals
Automatic Parts Washing Chemicals

Vinyl Dressing, Waxes & Polishes
Deodorizers & Odor Neutralizers
Aircraft Cleaners & Degreasers
Food Grade Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals
Glass Cleaners
Rinse Aids

Bulk Program

Integrated Chemical & Equipment offers a bulk delivery system unique to the industry.

ICE provides precise sizing of bulk and mini-bulk chemical storage tanks. The customer receives a delivery program that eliminates the hassles with drum handling, product waste and labeling.

You can rest assured that your people are safe and using the right chemical.

ICE has gone to great lengths to formulate products that are user friendly. All labels are clear and easy to read with instructions and dilution ratios listed. Safety Data Sheets are provided and available electronically.