Preventative maintenance is preformed on a scheduled basis.

This service and our ability to select the right dilution ratios are essential in controlling costs. If a dilution device is set too high (weak) personnel will often find alternative methods to get the cleaning product at a lower desired ratio (drum pumps, etc.). We set the proper ratios and eliminate the user from wanting to tamper with the device.

Get chemical costs under control. ICE eliminates the guess work and provides real dilution solutions; we install and maintain automatic dilution equipment appropriate for the task. We address all possible scenarios before we install our equipment and consider controlling consumption our responsibility.

Examples of Dispensing Equipment

  • Push Button and Ball Valve controlled Dispensers

  • Timer Controlled High Volume Dispensers

  • Air, Electric and Water Driven Dispensers

  • Auto-Dilution Foamers & Sprayers

  • Key Lock-Out Dispensers