Water Conditioning


Integrated Chemical & Equipment professionals identify your specific water quality needs. By understanding these needs and utilizing our experience with industrial cleaning systems, we are able to provide our customers with comprehensive industrial water treatment solutions (pre-treatment, media and membrane filtration, polishing, storage and distribution).


Calcium and Magnesium are hard scale forming minerals that build up on cleaning equipment, piping and heat exchangers resulting in increased maintenance costs and premature component failures. These same minerals decrease the performance of cleaning chemicals and leave hard scale deposits behind.

Integrated Chemical & Equipment Water Softeners eliminate these problems automatically while providing an exceptional return on investment.

Spot-Free Rinse

Spot free final rinse systems are necessary in many cleaning processes, but more often they are an overlooked source of cost savings. Integrated Chemical & Equipment engineers spot free rinse systems that can deliver savings in labor, water consumption and wastewater discharge while improving the quality of the rinse process.